my skin

to start this blog, i wanted to talk about the type and condition of my skin.i have a very difficult combination skin. i can divide my face into 3 different types. my forehead is kind of normal, my eyes and cheeks area are very sensitive and can be a bit dry depending on the condition. i can't just use anything since i do get allergies easily. then lastly my nose, it's extremely oily, red, big pores and all that bad stuff… usually when i ever get pimples, i get them on my nose.

2 weeks ago i got an allergic reaction (not sure about the cause), but i suddenly had slight red patches on my cheeks. it felt like my face was on fire and i could barely use anything on my face.

1 week ago, when the rashes were almost all gone, it suddenly came back. now yesterday… my eye area started to get itchy, some red and some dry patches…

i normally am satisfied with my skin, but the past few weeks i'm hating it.

i also stopped using anything a few days ago, i'm just using water and will wait till my skin recovers.

these were the products i've been using recently:
embryolisse pain dermatologique douceur as a face soap
embryolisse lait-crème fluide as a night moisturizer
clinique face cream spf30 as a daily moisturizer
h20 waterwhite spf12 brightening eye cream
purol salf on dry patches


my first post

i've been thinking about starting a beauty blog for a very very long time, but i never decided on doing so, because... lack of time, as i also have a "fashion" blog, which i'm trying to keep as active as possible.

i randomly get questions about how i groom my nails, do my hair etc... i even get requests to do make up tutorials. i can't and probably won't do any of those, i'm not as creative with make up as i am with fabrics. but i do want to share my thoughts on beauty products with everyone... that's why i started this blog anyways.

the main focus of this blog will be product reviews and comparing products. from today on i will start reviewing beauty products... i will talk about the products i've used in the past, now and will be using in the future.